See You On The Flip Side


Many phone calls, emails, and mouthfuls of gummy bears later, it’s time to bid Gotham adieu. In the three months of working with the Gotham team, I’ve come to know and appreciate their distinctive personalities and particular tastes in food.  Macaroni with beef anyone?

Now that I’m pondering what to write, my fingers hover outstretched above my keyboard as if above a cauldron like a witch (remember, we are the Coven trio) about to recite an incantation. My goodbyes are more like a “See you later.”  In my mind, goodbyes are a final and emotionally crushing reminder of never seeing someone or something again, while “See you later” places emphasis on the possibility of seeing that someone or something again.  So in this respect, “See you later guys.”  I’ll see you around, you’ll see me around . . . somewhere.

I'll be back.

I’ll be back.

In all seriousness I see myself taking more Gotham classes and of course I’ll drop in to “Hi, guys.”  I must say I’ll miss the quirks of the office in my everyday life.  No longer will I witness Dana’s daily snack of carrots, Alex’s thinking aloud, Britt’s pictures of adorable puppies, discussions with Kelly on interesting articles, or Street’s random fits of laughter (and of the course the jokester mailman).

It’s not often that you’ll find a group of people who will embrace your personality with all of its strange bits and bobs, but that’s what you get at Gotham and that’s one of the aspects of interning here that I loved the most. During my interview with Dana and Alex, I mentioned wanting to start a blog which focused on poetry and music and the relationship between both and now I have.  If you want to follow me in a non-creepy way, you can, at RunsWithWallflowers.  Also, us three interns have started a blog called PoorWriters where we post about the upsides and pitfalls of the broke life.

See you around everyone.