Goodbye Gotham

So it’s our last day. My last mad dash from class uptown, my last moment on the train deciding whether I should go for it and get a coffee at Village 38 or just keep walking by and be on time. Last hello and last conversation about where to go for lunch. Last time listening to Alex’s internal struggle as he takes lunch orders. Last phone call (not right now, but sometime today). Last blog post.

Everyone’s calling to sign up for winter classes and my brain still thinks it’s fall. I feel like I just broke out my boots and my jackets, got all excited over crispness, and went crazy for anything pumpkin. But that’s over now—now it’s time for peppermint and snow and winter classes. And new interns.



I’ll miss the brainstorming sessions and the design ideas and the long conversations about cartoons and old movies. I’ll miss the Swedish fish and intern outings and the phone calls from cool students. I’ll miss everyone in the office – you guys are awesome!  Thanks for dealing with my struggles with the phone and with life in general. I’ll miss attempting video and Photoshop and being in a place where ideas and writing and stories are always being talked about.

 In addition to the end of the internship, my class is ending next week. I got boothed again, and it was a lot like the last time. I laughed, I cried. I’ve learned so much in the past ten weeks, both from my class and from being an intern. I’m a more confident writer because through being boothed I got a little window into my readers’ minds and can keep referring back to that, keep looking at what I write through the eyes of my fellow classmates. Through reading my classmates’ work and through the lectures I learned about story and craft, things that will help me with any sort of writing I do in the future.

And to the new interns- good luck! Make the most of it while you can because soon it will be time for pastels and flowers.

Goodbye, Gotham, thanks for everything! 


P.S.  So Imani is sitting next to me typing very importantly and I was considering talking to her but didn’t want to distract her. Anyway, she just turned her computer to Georgette and I and said, “these cupcakes are hilarious.” (Cookie monster cupcakes, if you were wondering.) I’m impressed.



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